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Simple and Flexible Pricing

Get the freedom to travel your way with our credit-based system.

No subscriptions, no hidden fees.

What's included
  • Generate trips, at your own pace
  • Unlimited activities and itinerary revisions
  • Route optimization
  • Invite friends to your trips
  • Share trips with friends
  • Explore our curated trips

5 trips


10 trips


Save 20%
Make your own bundle


Why Choose Our Credit System?

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

With our credit-based system, you gain the freedom to plan your trips your way. Unlike monthly subscriptions that limit you to a specific timeframe, our credits offer the flexibility you need. Purchase credits only when you need them and use them at your convenience.

No Expiry, No Pressure

Enjoy the convenience of credits that never expire. Use them for your trips whenever you want, without any time constraints. This means no wasted money and no rush to use your credits before a certain date.

Simplicity in Planning

1 Credit = 1 Trip. It's that simple. Plan your trips without any complex calculations or hidden fees. Our straightforward pricing lets you focus on what really matters - your journey.

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