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Last updated: December 05, 2023

At, we are committed to providing a unique and innovative experience through our AI-generated trip itineraries. We understand that AI, while powerful and revolutionary, isn't perfect and may not always produce the results you expect. We want you to be fully aware of this inherent risk before making any purchases.

Due to the high costs involved in powering the advanced LLM for our trip generation, we unfortunately cannot offer refunds once credits have been used. We realize this may not be the ideal scenario for everyone, but this policy helps us to maintain a fair and sustainable service for all of our valued users. If you have purchased a credits package by mistake or don't want to spend them, and you haven't use them yet, reach out to and we'll sort it out!

Your understanding and support mean a lot to us. As we continue to improve and enhance our AI, we hope you will join us in this fascinating journey of digital creativity.